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Horizontal jalousies

Horizontal jalousies are classified as interior Shading products. Within some years, window modernization is changed, accommodation trends are alternated and simultaneously, requests for interior Shading products are alternated too. Presently, the Shading products are essential and indispensable accessories of all windows, with the highest market portion representing horizontal aluminium jalousies currently. By their wide pallet of various types, colour combinations and heterogeneity address the widest spectrum of customers.

ISSO chain

ISSO chain belongs to the most desirable jalousie type. By its simplicity, minimum need for maintenance and favourable price, it is the best solution for each interior and all window types. Simply control system by means of chain jalousie makes possible to control the light penetration intensity into the interior by very simple method.

ISSO chain

ISSO chain belongs to the most desirable jalousie type, they are the modern and best-sold jalousie types in the area of Shading products determined for all types of plastic-material and wooden windows. By its aesthetic workmanship and its simple control, they are a popular accessory of offices, schools, hospitals, apartments and villas. They are very modern and aesthetically highly appreciated jalousies. 

Whole-shading version is provided with openings in the rear, in lamellas, whereby the light penetration into the interior is minimized.  A simple system of control by means of chain jalousie may control the light penetration intensity into interior very easily.  Simple assembly, favourable price and minimum maintenance are an ideal solution for all of interiors.  When considering a wide pallet of colour shadows of carrying beams and lamellas, it is guaranteed that you can find all what you need  and seek for your windows.

Carrying frames in two versions: 

Product versions: - fixation / assembly / maintenance