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Jacko Žalúzie | ISSO BRZDA


Horizontal jalousies

Horizontal jalousies are classified as interior Shading products. Within some years, window modernization is changed, accommodation trends are alternated and simultaneously, requests for interior Shading products are alternated too. Presently, the Shading products are essential and indispensable accessories of all windows, with the highest market portion representing horizontal aluminium jalousies currently. By their wide pallet of various types, colour combinations and heterogeneity address the widest spectrum of customers.

ISSO brake

ISSO jalousies shade the interiors and protect them from undesired curious eyes. They are integrated with the interior perfectly and are of very favourable aesthetic effect. They are controlled by means of interior rod and string with brake mechanism.

ISSO brake

ISSO jalousies shade interiors and protect the internal spaces from undesired curious eyes. They are integrated with the interior perfectly and are of very favourable aesthetic effect.  All control elements are covered by elegant plastic-material covers. The first control element is the brake mechanism with string allowing the adjustment of lamellas in arbitrary height without fastening the string around the plastic-material wheel. The other control element is the hexagonal interior controller, by means of which the jalousie lamellas are opened and closed. 

To adapt the upper profile to new trends, it has the same shape and the same fastening method as the ISSO chain. The ISSO brake was adapted so that it is to be assembled into the glassing part very simply. 

Product versions: fixation / assembly / maintenance