Production of shading products in the Blažej Jacko Company is based on 22 year tradition and so it has operated on the Slovak marker since 1991. The registered office of the company is situated in the small town nearby the frontier with Ukraine. In the area of new-constructed building, offices and production facilities with the total surfaces of 1600 m2 are located. The storehouse and the plastic material production for the Shading products with the total surface of 1400 m2 are a part of the area. The goods deliveries are performed by regular distributions for companies in the whole Slovakia. As of 2011, we offer our products to customers in neighbouring Czech Republic establishing a branch office in the Ostrava town.

Wide offer of shading products for interiors and exteriors in the highest quality contributes to protection of your private sphere, house, apartment and office from undesired curious eyes, sun, moisture and cold.

Long-term experience gained during the production of shading products helped to automate the production process so that the rapid, effective and especially top-quality production by means of fully automatic machines and logistic control system from acceptation of an order up to goods dispatching are guaranteed.

Permanently, we complete and extend our assortment by new products to meet the requirements of our customers.