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Horizontal jalousies

Horizontal jalousies are classified as interior Shading products. Within some years, window modernization is changed, accommodation trends are alternated and simultaneously, requests for interior Shading products are alternated too. Presently, the Shading products are essential and indispensable accessories of all windows, with the highest market portion representing horizontal aluminium jalousies currently. By their wide pallet of various types, colour combinations and heterogeneity address the widest spectrum of customers.

Atypical jalousies

The atypical jalousies are a modern accessory of house interiors and are assembled to windows in atypical versions.

Atypical jalousies

Atypical jalousies are modern accessories of house interiors and, as seen by its name, they are assembled to windows in atypical version.  The atypical jalousie is to be produced in all versions except for inter-glass jalousies.  For detailed information, see the jalousie web-site. 

Presently, we know 16 jalousie types, which are drawn below, based on which it is possible to define the dimensions and control. For correct fixation and ordering an atypical jalousie, see the fixation instruction thoroughly. 

Product versions: - fixation / assembly / maintenance