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Insect curtains

They are the most effective protection of your home from intrusive insects. Insect curtain structure is produced from aluminium. The insect penetration into your home is prevented by the insect curtain protected from weather influences by rubber glass. Even in the spite of the fact that the main task of the insect curtain producers is the protection function, we do not neglect the aluminium profile design. We offer 6 types of fixed nets, one of them is rolling curtain and 3 types of net doors. Thank to wide offer of various types of window and doors curtains as well as colour variety, you can find the most suitable one for your window.

Door rolling net  

The rolling nets are essential assortment when producing the insect curtains. The base of the rolling net is the drum with rolled on net and guide rails.

Rolling door and window nets 

The rolling nets are essential assortment in the insect curtain production.  They are used mainly for balcony doors of apartments where it is not possible to assemble normal net door because of insufficient space.  The rolling nets are produced from top-quality and UV-stable PVC material. The net material is produced from rubber glass and is weather and UV radiation resistant. 

The basis of the rolling net is a drum with rolled on net and guide rail. The net re-winding onto the drum is assured by mechanism spring. 

When requiring by customer, it is possible to install an automatic brake into the system of rolling net, which serves to decelerate the net rolling onto the drum.

Product versions: - fixation / assembly / maintenance