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Jacko Žalúzie | DVEROVÉ SIETE


Insect curtains

They are the most effective protection of your home from intrusive insects. Insect curtain structure is produced from aluminium. The insect penetration into your home is prevented by the insect curtain protected from weather influences by rubber glass. Even in the spite of the fact that the main task of the insect curtain producers is the protection function, we do not neglect the aluminium profile design. We offer 6 types of fixed nets, one of them is rolling curtain and 3 types of net doors. Thank to wide offer of various types of window and doors curtains as well as colour variety, you can find the most suitable one for your window.

Door nets

The door net profile is produced from top-quality and varnished extruded aluminium profile. Elegant design and unique version of the dividing line serves as handle or kicking strip when handling the door.

Net doors 

The extruded door net is produced from top-quality and varnished aluminium profile with internal angles. These are offered in 6 most frequently occurred shadows of windows and doors.  The assembly is very simple and is performed to the net door frame fastening to the joint, either common or self-closing.  Elegant design and unique version eliminate the necessity of the additional handle mounting. 

Product versions: - fixation / assembly / maintenance