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Vertical jalousies

Similarly as horizontal jalousies, even vertical ones belong to the group of interior Shading products. In spite of horizontal jalousies, the vertical ones put the finishing touches to and complete the window spaces substituting the hangings fully. All fibres are provided with antistatic surface repelling small dust impurities. Similarly as horizontal jalousies, even vertical ones may be performed in version as atypical jalousie thank to its structure.

String vertical jalousies

In spite of fibres - 127 mm, hung on hooks, the string jalousies are 89 mm wide and are fastened to the so called clip suspender – simple assembly. The biggest advantage of them is the throughput rate through fibres of vertical jalousies, which is not possible in other types and so it is an ideal interior accessory for large glassed and terrace doors.

String vertical jalousies

They are new fashionable and modern interior accessories of households, offices, stores, bars, coffee-houses and offer wide pallet of colours (27 shadows). 

They belong to the group of vertical fibres. Similarly as vertical fibre jalousies, even the basis of string vertical jalousies is created by white carrying frame – rail, in which the guiding sliders are situated. 

In spite of fibres -127 mm hung on the hooks, the string bunches are 89 mm wide and are fastened to the so called clip suspender – simple assembly. 

No bounds are set to fantasy and so the possibility of alternation and combination of colours in jalousies are very advantageous.  The bunches are delivered in the width of  89 mm and length of  3000 mm, so that the customer may select the sequence, bunch height and reduce it to required dimension by scissor in loco. 

The biggest advantage is the trouble-free, unobstructed transit along the strings of vertical jalousies in spite of classical vertical jalousies which are connected with chain in the lower part and so they are not passable.  Even in spite of passability, the risk of mechanical damage of jalousies is low only. 

Product versions- fixation / assembly / maintenance