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Jacko Žalúzie | Rímske roletky


Fibre roller curtains

Fibre roller curtains create one of the widest offers of decors and colours of fibres in the Blažej Jacko Company allowing the harmonization of the window accessories to your interior. In the offer, colours suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, children rooms, offices or social spaces and business centres are included. Shortly, everyone may find what he/she needs to make the living space pleasant.

Roman roller curtains

Roman roller curtains are very elegant and they are suitable solution for houses, apartment as well as coffee houses and restaurants where provide a pleasant interior atmosphere. Style and decorative Roman roller curtains are further accessories to windows offered by the Blažej Jacko Company to its customers.

Roman roller curtains

Roman shading products are very elegant and suitable solution for houses, apartments as well as coffees and restaurants, where they contribute to pleasant interior atmosphere.  Style and decorative Roman roller curtains are further window accessories offered by the Blažej Jacko Company. The Roman roller curtain is controlled by chain allowing to stop it in any position and so to control the shading rate in the interior.  By pulling up the fibre is shirred in the upper part creating regularly shirred fibre in several layers.  The material used for production is created by light fibres, mainly draperies which are fastened to the profile by means of Velcro fastener.  The fibres may be washed and ironed under certain conditions.

 Product versions: - fixation / assembly / maintenance