JACKOSYSTEM® Trade Mark is a mark, by which all products of the Blažej Jacko Company, producer of shading products, are marked.  It contradistinguishes our JACKOSYSTEM® Shading products from products of our competition and guarantees that our customer purchased the top-quality products. 

The JACKOSYSTEM® Trade Mark is an exclusive ownership of Mr. Blažej Jacko. It comes to this, that nobody else may commercially use this Trade Mark or produce the above mentioned products under the Trade Mark without approval and valid authorization. 

If you discover any unauthorized use of our JACKOSYSTEM® Trade Mark or is you want to ask some questions related to our Trade Mark use authorization obtaining, contact us, please, on the below mentioned address and e-mail address prospectively:    

Blažej Jacko

Michalovská 1417/88

073 01 Sobrance